JNIOR IP Defaults to December 15, 2020

When you are using the JNIOR, you may want to change the IP address to fit a pre-existing schema for JNIOR’s on the network. When changing the IP of the JNIOR if it automatically changes its IP to after being given a different IP, this is because a device on the network is already using that IP address. The JNIOR doesn’t want to interrupt pre-existing IP communication with a device on the network, so rather then take the IP and create a conflict between itself and the other device, it simply defaults it’s IP to To confirm another device is on your network using the same IP, you can try pinging the IP Address that has the additional device on it. If the ping replies successfully, you’ll know you have another device somewhere that is on the network using that IP. In order to ping on windows, you simply open the command line and type “ping (IP address)”. NOTE: Not all devices on a network have ping capabilities.

Ping command in windows command line

To resolve the issue, you have to change the JNIOR or other device on the network to another IP that prevents the two devices from conflicting with each other.

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