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Utility Monitoring & Reporting with JNIOR

INTEG's Utility Usage Monitoring system makes monitoring utilities easy.  Any JNIOR can monitor and log consumption for gas, electric, water and other utilities.


JNIOR Opens Up New Applications for All of Your Metering Needs

Using any standard meter or separate instrument, the JNIOR can accurately count totalized pulses representing a fixed amount of utility consumption.

CLICK HERE to see a DEMO of Utility Usage Monitoring Software

The utility usage tracking software keeps track of the consumption on a 6-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  The data is then presented in a web page for viewing from any browser.  The data is also stored on the JNIOR in CSV formatted files for easy storage, retrieval and integration with other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

No programming is required to implement the system.  Web-based configuration screens brings a user friendly aspect to the application.  The Utility Usage Monitor web screen is designed to give you both current and historical information about your utility consumption.

The Utility Usage Monitor system from INTEG provides the complete system at the lowest total cost, opening up new applications for all your metering needs.

Let INTEG help you monitor and save on your utility usage.


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Contact INTEG Process Group for assistance with Utility Monitoring or to purchase JNIOR. 

Go here to view JNIOR and Utility Monitoring documentation or download software.