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The JNIOR Simplifies Industrial Automation

The JNIOR Ethernet I/O controller is an alternative to expensive and complex PLCs for a variety of industrial applications and the IIoT.  It provides simple, yet effective industrial automation, data logging, I/O relaying, and many other applications.


Each JNIOR is made in the USA and includes a library of standard software functions and plug-and-play accessories to meet your industrial automation needs.

Effective Industrial Automation

Due to its small size and low cost, JNIOR has opened up a world of opportunities in Industrial Automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Now many applications benefit from the enhanced performance, easy maintenance and extreme reliability of the JNIOR.

The JNIOR can handle both digital and analog signals from machines, sensors and instruments, and it also has an Ethernet port and two serial ports for integrating with other devices.


JNIOR Model 410

It can be used for monitoring and control in applications such as integration of remote equipment, localized control, data logging and data reporting.

The JNIOR can send e-mail notification of alarms and events.  And, with the modern web pages, you can control your JNIOR directly from any browser running on a PC, tablet, iPad, smartphone, etc.

JNIOR can be standalone or integrated into both new and existing applications, and it requires no programming when using the user-configurable standard INTEG applications.  Custom applications can be easily added by developing software programs using the Java language.

JNIOR is often referred to as an "inexpensive micro PLC" and is cutting design time and giving engineers improved startup, configuration, programming, run-time adjustments, monitoring, diagnostics, and other advantages.


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