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Flexible and Versatile Data Acquisition with JNIOR

The JNIOR is a very versatile data acquisition device.  The JNIOR can integrate over the Ethernet network with your data logging software package via various communication methods and/or INTEG provides standard software that allows the JNIOR to record and store data on the JNIOR for easy retrieval or buffer data in battery backed memory for automatic transfer to a PC.

Software Bonus Package

Task Manager is a free software program pre-installed on every JNIOR.  Task Manager allows you to create 'tasks' that can be triggered based on 'events', scheduled time intervals and/or based on 'logical expressions' to store digital and analog data in time-stamped CSV files on the JNIOR.  

Data Buffer is an add-on software programs provided free with the purchase of the Data Collector software that runs on a central PC and gathers data from one or many JNIORs and stores the data in a SQL database.

With the JNIOR, you can integrate and/or log real-time digital and analog data.  The JNIOR contains digital inputs and outputs on the main controller and utilizes expansion modules for analog signals (4-20 mA, 10 VDC, RTD).  

Various Ethernet-based communication methods are available for integrating the JNIOR real-time data into your application running on a PC, including Modbus/TCP, OPC and the standard JNIOR TCP/IP protocol.  Custom communication protocols and data gathering methods can also be easily developed.

INTEG also provides standard software applications that run on the JNIOR to log data on the JNIOR at user-defined time intervals and/or based on 'triggers' such as a digital input or output status change, an analog value going above or below a target value, number of counts exceeded, etc.  The data can be logged to CSV formatted files and can include a date stamp and any combination of digital input, output and analog values.  The CSV files can be retrieved via FTP or similar methods or can be sent from the JNIOR as an email and attachment. 

JNIOR 310 with Analog Expansion module

The picture to the left shows the JNIOR Model 310 with 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs.  A 4 - 20 mA analog expansion module with 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs is attached to the JNIOR Sensor Port.  An additional expansion module can be daisy-chained to the first module and can be the same or different type of module.

The Task Manager program allows data to be stored on the JNIOR in CSV-formatted files based on time or events or logical expressions.  In addition to logging data, the Task Manager application can provide control functions to close, toggle, pulse or open a JNIOR relay or change the value of an analog output.  This brings advanced control features to your data acquisition application!

The Data Buffer program logs data to the JNIOR in battery-backed RAM based on a user-configurable timer or event.  The data is “pushed” in user-configurable intervals to the Data Collector application (running on a central PC) for storage in a SQL database, or on to the ‘cloud’.  If the network connection is unavailable, Data Buffer will continue to store and buffer data on the JNIOR for hours or days until the connection is restored.

Custom JNIOR applications can be written to store and transmit data to other programs using standard communication methods.  You can analyze data on the JNIOR as you acquire it or save it for post-processing after the JNIOR transmits it to a PC.  You can also automate tests and make iterative updates to your test setup based on an analysis of the data being gathered by the JNIOR. 

The JNIOR data acquisition solution provides an easy to use real-time data logging and/or data integration and control device for a variety of applications in industrial automation, utility usage monitoring, laboratories, buildings, test equipment and many others.


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