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Pioneer in Digital Cinema Automation Controls

Since the early days of digital cinema technology development, INTEG Process Group has been at the forefront of digital cinema automation controls. Today, INTEG’s comprehensive suite of hardware controllers, software utilities and integrated systems leverages the power of digital cinema technology and the convenience of Ethernet communications for maximum theatre operation efficiencies and optimal audience viewing experiences.

Integ Digital Cinema Automation Features


More than 99.9 percent of INTEG cinema controllers sold have functioned without requiring factory service.

Industry-Wide Cinema Component Compatibility

The INTEG Cinema Exhibition Controller is compatible with major digital cinema servers, including:


Both the JNIOR 310/312 auditorium controller and the powerful JNIOR 410 multiplex controller are easy to install by any cinema tech or theatre support staff.

Once installed, onboard software and support utilities allow you to configure your INTEG control system to fit your specific needs.

The JNIOR Support Tool is a PC-based software package that will help you configure controllers, develop macros for event-dependent control sequences, review logs, back up files and install new and updated software.

The Global Cinema Industry Standard

More than one-third (over 35,000) digital cinema screens throughout the world are controlled by INTEG cinema controllers. Some of the theatre operators and system integrators currently using INTEG controllers include:

Forward/Backward Compatibility

Both INTEG’s new Event Manager, software utility and JNIOR 410 controller are fully compatible with all existing JNIOR 310/312 cinema controllers and associated software.


Built-in software on all JNIOR controllers makes communication between cinema servers, sound processors and lighting controllers, as well as auditorium utility systems, a simple matter of making selections on a PC screen.


INTEG JNIOR Model 310 controller contains 8 digital inputs, 8 relay outputs and 2 serial ports.  The Model 312 controller contains 4 digital inputs, 12 relay outputs and 2 serial ports.  The “plug and play” Relay Output Expansion Module allows outputs to be added in groups of 4 with either low voltage or high voltage contacts. Cost-effective management of a wide variety of auditorium system configurations is readily achievable with 8, 12 or 16 outputs.

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Digital Cinema Auditorium
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Powerful Central Cinema Multiplex
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Remote Control Cinema Complex
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