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A Cost-Effective Controller or PLC Alternative

The JNIOR is a proven solution for anyone seeking a flexible, reliable, affordable Ethernet I/O controller for a variety of applications, including IIoT and MQTT.  Gone are the days when a costly, complicated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) were the only options!

Send your real-time I/O signals to the cloud to any MQTT broker.  Have your MQTT client create Subscriptions to get real-time udpates and Publications to control JNIOR outputs. Click here to read about using MQTT and Amazon Web Services and the JNIOR or click here to read about using MQTT and SpimeSenseLabs and the JNIOR.  Let INTEG integrate the JNIOR I/O and functionality with MQTT to meet your needs. Contact INTEG for details.

JNIOR Advantages

What makes the JNIOR a smart alternative to traditional logic controllers?

  1. It’s truly turnkey. The JNIOR is easy to install and includes free standard applications providing a variety of functionality.  You can even develop your own applications and web pages for the JNIOR using free software samples.
  2. It’s flexible. The JNIOR can be a standalone controller or integrates easily with other applications, and it’s expandable as your needs change.
  3. Handles a variety of communication methods.  The JNIOR can integrate with your application via a variety of communication methods including MQTT for IIoT applications, Modbus, serial communications, JNIOR TCP protocol and any custom protocol used for your private applications.
  4. It’s cost-effective. Our customers often tell us they can purchase a JNIOR for one-third the cost of a similar PLC.  Plus, there’s no need to pay for additional software or services.
  5. It’s backed by reliable service. We provide prompt, friendly free technical support and training for JNIOR users.  Remote support is quickly done via Team Viewer or other remote connection tool.

Because the JNIOR can function as a stand-alone controller or as a basic I/O for integration with another application or system, it’s suitable for extremely diverse uses and industries.  More than 60,000 of the JNIOR logic controller devices are currently being used worldwide to control and monitor equipment in many different applications.  The JNIOR reliability is over 99.9%.  They just don't fail!



The Automation Controller That Works for Every Industry

The flexibility of the JNIOR makes it tremendously adaptable.  For example, movie theaters around the world rely on it as a proven, cost-effective solution for digital cinema automation.  For industrial automation, INTEG focuses on the automation of manufacturing and data acquisition, including the IIoT.  The JNIOR implements the MQTT protocol which allows the JNIOR to interact with a variety of IIoT applications, including Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The INTEG JNIOR automation controller is a cost-effective alternative for small I/O count applications in industrial processes compared to general purpose controllers, PLCs, PACs and computers.  It is equally useful as a data acquisition system.

For discrete manufacturing, the JNIOR automation controller and the Visual Machine OEE, provide manufacturers with the data they need to optimize their shop floor operations.  Visual Machine OEE provides a real-time visual display of user configurable production metrics and can automate Andon Lights.

The JNIOR can also function as a highly effective utility usage monitor, creating opportunities to save on utility costs.  

NEW for the JNIOR is Line Side Printing.  Let the JNIOR print your labels, including bar codes, automatically at the end of your production line. The JNIOR works with a variety of label printers including those from Zebra and SATO.   Click here to read the brochure.

Using the JNIOR Line Side Printing web page, you can configure your labels with bar codes, QR codes, text, data wild cards, and enter a list of part numbers to be added to each label, along with the date and sequential number.  Label configurations can be stored on the JNIOR and transferred easily to other JNIORs.

Simply wire a signal from your production line to the JNIOR input (or multiplex multiple signals) to select the part number to use, and the label will be printed on the printer immediately.  The JNIOR works via serial or Ethernet connections to Zebra, SATO and other printers.

Then, using a barc code scanner attached to the JNIOR, verify that the operator attached the correct label.

Watch the Line Side Printing Application Video.


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Contact INTEG Process Group for assistance or to purchase JNIOR. 

Go here to view JNIOR documentation or download software.