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Sometimes you just need to see something done to understand it.

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Not everyone learns by reading books.  These videos teach you how to use the JNIOR by showing you different features and applications for the JNIOR.

Whether you're a new or existing customer or evaluating JNIOR, our videos are here to help you get the most out of JNIOR hardware and software.

Please check back regularly or follow our YouTube Channel – we are always preparing more videos.

Checkout our new series of JNIOR Technology videos prepared by our Chief Technology Officer - Bruce Cloutier. Bruce shares his JNIOR expertise to help you understand the outstanding features of the JNIOR.  Please contact Bruce | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions.

Software Updates

JNIOR Series 4 DCP and ST 7

JNIOR Technology

#4 My Motivation for Producing These JNIOR Vids
INTEG CTO-Why These Videos
#2 Toggling JNIOR Relays
Toggling JNIOR Relays
#1 Updating Series 4 Operating System Firmware
Updating JNIOR Series 4 OS
#5 Command Console - Network Access
Command Console - Network Access
#6 Hello World With A Twist
Hello World With A Twist
#7 Adding a Display To Your JNIOR
Adding a Display to Your JNIOR
#3 Basic Security - Changing Administrator Passwords
Changing User Passwords
#8 JANOS Memory Charting - Advanced Topic
Advanced Topic - Charting Memory

New Products

INTEG Line Side Printing
Line Side Printing Application

JNIOR Configuration

INTEG JNIOR Support Tool Overview
Support Tool Overview

Visual Machine OEE

INTEG Operations and Maintenance System
Visual Machine OEE

Add On Applications

INTEG JNIOR Utility Usage App
Utility Usage Monitor
INTEG Event Manager Application
Event Manager for Remote Monitoring and Control

Mobile App

JNIOR iPad App