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Software Development Kit Download Center!

Get the tools you need to help you develop your own software applications.

Below are some software tools that will help you develop software to run on a JNIOR and a PC to interact with the JNIOR.

JNIOR Series 4 - Models 410, 412, 414

Below is a link to our SDK for developing applications that run (execute/reside) on the JNIOR Series 4.  The SDK contains documentation and sample code.

CLICK HERE to go to the SDK web page for the JNIOR Series 4

Contact INTEG to get support with developing advanced web pages being served by the JNIOR Series 4 using web sockets and other technologies.

The JNIOR is a very flexible tool and can do a variety of functions.  Please contact us with any questions you may have about developing a software application for the JNIOR.


PC Applications – Software Development Kit (SDK)

Filename Date Version Notes Download
All in One January 7, 2016 Download
Jnior.Dll.dll January 6, 2016
JniorDll.Net.dll January 7, 2016
JniorDll.lib January 6, 2016
JNIOR DLL Programming Guide December 22, 2009 Notes

PC Applications – Sample Code

Description Date Language Notes Download
Connection Callback June 7, 2012 C++ Download
IOControl.CSharp June 7, 2012 C# Download
JniorDll.Set.Clock June 7, 2012 C# Download
JniorProtocol June 7, 2012 C# Download
RegistryUsage June 7, 2012 C++ Download
RegistryUsage.CSharp June 7, 2012 C# Download
Simple C++ June 7, 2012 C++ Download
VB.Connect (includes JNIOR DLL) October 29, 2013 VB Download