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Support for cinema applications and installations, including important notices, support documents, manuals, and software downloads.

The software updates at the bottom of this page include the software that is typically used for digital cinema applications only.  This includes the JNIOR Support Tool, JNIOR All-In-One Updates and the Cinema software.  If you do not see the software udpate you are looking for, please visit our Main Support and Downloads page for other software updates.


The main web page on the JNIOR Series 3 is actually a Java applet that runs in a browser.  In 2015, INTEG updated the security certificate for the applets, however, in 2016 the various browsers, strating with Chrome, have disabled the ability to run Java applets coming from a device besides the PC.  To counter this, in the latest version of the JNIOR Support Tool, 7.0, there is an option to launch the applets from the PC using a copy installed within the Support Tool.  This version is now an application running on your PC and not in your browser.

On August 11, 2016, INTEG released the first version of the Dynamic Control Page (DCP) for the JNIOR Series 4.  This new web page completely replaces the functionality of the Java Applets.  The DCP can be launched using any of the major browsers.  The DCP utilizes the advanced web browser capability of the Series 4 and is not available on the older Series 3.

Please watch the following video describing the DCP and some of the feature of the latest JNIOR Support Tool 7.0.



The JNIOR Models 310 and 312 went 'end of life' as of February 1, 2015. INTEG will continue to support the Series 3 software and honor all warranties through the end of 2016.  The JNIOR Models 410 and 412 are direct replacements for the 310 and 312.   See application note below.


Please contact Rick Shulkosky | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by phone at 1-724-933-9350 extension 20 with any questions or to discuss transitioning to the new Series 4. 


Documents Related to Using the JNIOR Series 4

1 - Summary of the very minor differences between utilizing the 410 and 412 versus the 310 and 312 - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

2 - Updating the 410/412 OS and JNIOR.ini File - This document describes how to update the JNIOR Series 4 operating system manually and how to transfer a jnior.ini file to affect your JNIOR Series 4 configurations. - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

3 - GDC Cinema Server - You need to Start the Modbus Server when using the JNIOR 410/412. - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Download the Update Project for the JNIOR 410/412 that starts the Modbus Server.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

4 - Chrisite IMB Cinema Server - With the latest Christie software update to their IMB, it is now easier to utilize the JNIOR to control relays and execute macros on the JNIOR. - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Download the Update Project for the JNIOR 410/412 that disables the JNIOR login.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

5 - Barco Alchemy Cinema Server - With the latest Barco Alchemy software update to their IMB, it is now easier to utilize the JNIOR to control relays and execute macros on the JNIOR. - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 


3 Channel LED Dimmer Module

INTEG has a new expansion module for the JNIOR Series 4 that allows you to control LED strip lights and regulate their brightness between 0 and 100% using a constant voltage. Handles both white and colored LED strip lights.   

Download the data sheet on the LED Dimmer Module.

Download the Manual on how to use the LED Dimmer Module.

LED Strip Lights Dimmer


Cinema Software Updates

JNIOR Model 310 or 312

The first Cinema software update package below is used to load the Cinema.JNIOR program on either a JNIOR Model 310 or JNIOR Model 312.  It does not contain an operating system (OS) update. Cinema.JNIOR requires OS 3.5.422.1046 or later.  

JNIOR Model 410 or 412

The second Cnema software update package below is used to load the Cinema.JAR (same functionality as Model 310/312, just has a different extension becaue of the different operating system) on a JNIOR Model 410 or Model 412.  The update project does not update the 410/412 operating system or any other standard software.

If you do not see the software update you are looking for below, additional software updates are provided on our Main Support and Downloads page.



JNIOR Support Tool - Version 7.0 July 15, 2016 7.0.715.1528 Download  
JNIOR Support Tool - Version 7.1 Does NOT work on Windows XP June 8, 2017 7.1.512.715 Download Release Notes
Cinema.JNIOR forJNIOR 310,312 March 14, 2017 2.42.314.1148 Download Release Notes
Cinema.JAR for JNIOR 410, 412 June 8, 2017 Download Release Notes
All In One Update 310, 312 June 14, 2016 4.8.614.2124 Download Release Notes
All In One Update 310, 312 August 12, 2015 4.5.1119.1103 Download  
All In One Update for 410, 412 with UPDATED DCP web page October 2, 2017 v1.6.2 Download Release Notes
Software to Control LED Dimmer Module and Analog Module Series 4    
Analog Presets for 410, 412, 414 July 27, 2016 Download Release Notes
JRColor - works with Analog Presets for Series 4 September 4, 2015 Download  
Event Manager No License Required    
Event Manager - PC Application December 22, 2014 Download Release Notes
XChange App for JNIOR Series 4 April 10, 2015 Download Release Notes