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How Visual Machine OEE Works

The architecture of INTEG’s Visual Machine system makes complicated Overall Equipment Efficiency tasks simple.

How It Works

Visual Machine OEE employs five system components:

To begin Visual Machine OEE's continuous machine monitoring process, an INTEG automation controller accesses, collects and buffers up to four signals from a production machine.  It then sends them via Ethernet to a central PC running Visual Machine OEE software.  Visual Machine OEE processes the machine signals to produce 27 performance metrics, including the big one - OEE percentage.  Then it creates a series of web pages that graphically display Machine Availability, Performance Rate, Running Time, Output Quality, OEE Percent and 22 other performance indicators.  The web pages are then served to viewing screens throughout your enterprise for review in real-time, while the machine is running.  Data collected on-the-fly is saved to a MS SQL Server data base for future reference and the creation of historic reports.

As complicated as that sounds, Visual Machine OEE makes it simple.  It's easy to install. Intuitive to set up.  Friendly to operate.  And amazingly flexible to configure.  It comes ready to use out of the box. Software installed.  There's no need for pre-installation programming.  You don't have to modify your production machines in any way.  Visual Machine OEE can be configured to handle whatever types of signals your machine delivers.

In the end, optimal discrete manufacturing comes down to getting the highest rate of production from your equipment investment.  Visual Machine OEE helps you do just that for a lot less money than you probably thought.


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