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FOCUS on ROI with Visual Machine OEE

Unlike many companies, for whom OEE is a software plug-in or add-on to a more complex MES/ERP system, INTEG focuses its efforts on developing complementary hardware/software solutions that make the most of readily available resources to streamline the OEE process and maximize production efficiency  for your discrete manufacturing enterprise.  In short, we aim to make Visual Machine OEE your highest ROI manufacturing efficiency investment.  

Visual Machine OEE Trial

For a nominal fee, INTEG offers a 90-day Visual Machine OEE trial where you get one INTEG automation controller for connection to one or two machines and the full-functioning Visual Machine OEE software system.  During the trial period you will have a fully functional Visual Machine OEE system for your trial and use.  You will be able to install, configure, explore and test the system as though you owned a lifetime license.  During your trial period, INTEG will provide you with full support via the phone, email and Internet.

At the end of your 90-day trial, if you are satisfied that Visual Machine OEE is right for you, we will credit the trial price toward the purchase of a lifetime license.

Visual Machine OEE System Lifetime License

The initial price of your Visual Machine OEE Lifetime license includes one INTEG automation controller and the full-functioning Visual Machine OEE system software for permanent use.  If you conducted the 90 day trial, the trial fee is applied towards the full license fee.

Your Visual Machine OEE system may be readily expanded whenever the need arises simply by installing additional INTEG automation controllers on your new machines and configuring them to your existing Visual Machine OEE software system.  No additional software is required to accommodate additional machines.

All INTEG products are made in the U.S.A.


Schedule Your Web Demonstration

This is a live 30 minute web demonstration of Visual Machine OEE. Multiple people are able to attend the demonstration.

The Visual Machine OEE demonstration covers the basics of Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Visual Machine OEE.  You will learn how to configure the software, set up a work order, launch a work order, modify the project and watch the changes update across the various web technologies that are utilized.

Once the demo is completed you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Even if you choose not to use Visual Machine OEE you will still learn something new about Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


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