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Configurable, Full-Feature, Out-of-the-Box OEE

Simple installation, easy configuration, flexible connectivity, and more make INTEG’s Visual Machine OEE system an affordable manufacturing overall equipment effectiveness solution.

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Chances are, your manufacturing equipment is producing all the electrical signals you need in order to know exactly how effectively your machines are performing at any given moment.  The problem is, electrical signals don't mean much unless they're converted into data.  That's what INTEG's Visual Machine OEE does.  It converts a machine's electrical impulses into meaningful data that can mean the difference between efficiency and waste... between profit and loss.


INTEG's Visual Machine OEE system is an affordable Overall Equipment Effectiveness solution that’s ready to use out-of-the box and easy to install with no programming required.  Visual Machine OEE is user-configurable to virtually any discrete manufacturing environment at a fraction of the cost of alternative products.


Visual Machine OEE keeps machine operators, production supervisors and plant managers continuously aware of machine production efficiency when it counts most-- during production.  Visual Machine OEE presents efficiency data in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand form as work progresses.  There is no need to wait for a run to complete, data to be input, or a report to be produced to know exactly how efficiently your machines are producing at any moment in time.  Visual Machine OEE allows you to see in real-time whether or not your machine availability, performance or quality is meeting your targets.


Because OEE is fundamentally about keeping downtime to a minimum, Visual Machine OEE automatically detects production delays in response to user-specified machine signals.  Visual Machine OEE's real-time data-access and reporting serves to minimize the effects of unexpected delays by alerting operators and supervisors to problems as soon as they occur.  For more chronic issues, Visual Machine OEE’s historic data base can serve as a diagnostic tool for problem identification and remediation.


Because Visual Machine OEE employs Web technology to display production efficiency information and Ethernet technology to distribute it, your Visual Machine OEE data is available to any web-capable device within your network, from an operator’s monitor, to a work center display panel, to a back office PC, to a tablet, laptop or cell phone anywhere in the world.


Unlike many OEE systems that require hundreds of hours of pre-installation programming, INTEG’s Visual Machine comes to you fully programmed for full OEE functionality.  Your Visual Machine OEE system is designed to be configured to your specific manufacturing operation, by you or your manufacturing engineer, via Visual Machine’ OEE's user-friendly set-up screens.  When necessary, INTEG technical support is only a phone call or email away.


Visual Machine OEE is designed to work out-of-the-box.  Installation of the system’s hardware component, the INTEG Automation Controller, requires no machine modification and can be performed by any competent electrician.  Visual Machine software can be setup on any Windows 7 or higher PC by any manufacturing engineer with customary computer skills and familiarity with the production machines to be monitored


Visual Machine OEE’s built-in configuration web page gives you total freedom to specify performance indicators for your specific needs.  Chart, panel and graph displays can be customized by machine, operator, shift, order, cycle, or in any number of other ways.  Reports can be custom-configured for virtually any combination of performance indicators.


Because the Integ Automation Controller, is capable of processing virtually any electrical signal without modifying the host machine’s signal outputs, connectivity between machines, controllers and the central PC is limited only by the scope of management's business objectives.  Because Visual Machine OEE is capable of communicating with large numbers of INTEG Automation Controllers, both inside and outside individual machine cells, virtually any input/output scheme is possible.  Visual Machine OEE’s easy connectivity makes it flexible today for your present needs and well prepared future developments.


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