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Efficiency Made Visible

INTEG’s Visual Machine OEE leverages the power of web graphics to reveal the hidden efficiency data your machines are producing as they run.

User-Specified Features

Custom Display Graphics

Access Levels

Graphical Displays

Visual Machine OEE information is displayed in a set of user-configurable, interactive web pages indicating up to 27 OEE metrics at multiple levels of specificity.  Web pages are configurable by virtually any OEE variable, facility configuration or user permission.

A few examples of Visual Machine OEE web pages are shown below.  If, after viewing them, you would like a full online demonstration, please contact us.


At supervisory and management levels Visual Machine OEE’s Work Center page indicates the status of multiple machines within a production area. Machine numbers, operator names, work order numbers, as well as any of Visual Machines other 27 performance indicators can be displayed dynamically as work progresses.  Threshold-defined production statuses are visually indicated by user-specified colors correlated to Visual Machine OEE’s continuous efficiency calculation.

Data Views


Like all Visual Machine OEE’s built-in configuration tools, the Work Center Setup dialog box employs fill-in, selection and drop-down boxes to match your Visual Machine OEE system with your specific needs.  The Work Center setup utility allows machines within a user-specified work area to be identified by name, type and group location.  Visual Machine OEE’s four performance indicators are correlated with input connectors on an INTEG Automation Controller by means of drop-down boxes that provide selection criteria for signal type and input connection.

Operator Interface Data


Visual Machine OEE’s Operator Interface keeps machine operators continuously aware of OEE performance while allowing interaction with Visual Machine OEE to access other display views and to manually account for production delays.  Real-time dynamic pie-charts show OEE performance by user-specified rate and quality threshold parameters.


Workshift Progress Parameters

The Workshift Progress Panel gives a cumulative picture of actual OEE performance against anticipated performance.  As a shift progresses the vertical red line moves to the right, through time, plotting productive time (gold) against delay time (blue).

Detailed Efficiency Reporting Options


Visual Machine OEE reports can be as simple or complex as necessary for maximum usefulness.  Report details are easily selected with conventional MS Windows selection tools.  Reports can be customized by any of Visual Machine OEE’s 27 performance indicators and output as PDF or Excel documents.


The INTEG Visual Machine OEE system presents and displays actual asset data/metrics on user configurable flat panel screens located on the shop floor and on a personal computer or tablet in the office or smart phones for managers on the road.  The user can configure a variety of panel views or table views of data summarized by Work Center on an hourly or shift basis.  With Visual Machine OEE, you now have visibility in a single screen – whether they supervise the manufacturing operations of a single facility or multiple facilities worldwide.



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