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Add-on Software: Simplified Utility Monitoring

The JNIOR makes it easy to monitor, graph and save important utility usage data.  With the free Utility Usage Monitor software package, you can keep track of gas, water, steam, electricity and other utility consumption.

Data Storage

Utility consumption data is stored on the JNIOR and viewed in the web page in the following time intervals:

  1. Minutes – A rolling 6-minute total covering a 7-day period
  2. Daily – A rolling hourly total covering a 25-hour period
  3. Weekly – A rolling daily total covering an 8-day period
  4. Monthly – A rolling daily total covering a 31-day period
  5. Yearly by Weeks – A rolling weekly total covering a 13-month period
  6. Yearly by Months – A rolling monthly total covering a 13-month period
  7. Instantaneous - View up to 24 hours of instantaneous values

The Utility Usage Monitor application is a software program that runs on the JNIOR to assist with utility monitoring (gas, electricity, water, steam, etc.) and report your totalized consumption on a 6-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  This utility usage tracking software can also chart the instantaneous flow of the utility. 

The Utility Usage Monitor application requires, at a minimum, one pulsed signal connected to one digital input on the JNIOR that represents a totalized pulse of X amount of the utility (gas, electric, etc.) where X is determined by the meter configuration.  The pulses are counted on the JNIOR to sum the flow on various intervals.  An optional analog signal representing the instantaneous flow can be connected to an analog expansion module. 

The Utility Usage Monitor application can handle up to eight (8) utility meters (one pulsed signal and one instantaneous flow per meter) with a JNIOR Model 310 and two analog expansion modules.  The analog expansion modules are optional and are only required to plot the instantaneous flow.

The software is configurable via the JNIOR Registry Editor to define chart titles, conversion units and a variety of other set-up information.

The logged data can be saved by transferring data files from the JNIOR or by opening the Utility Usage web page and clicking the Save button.  When saving via the web page, all the data being viewed will be saved including the instantaneous values and the 6-minute interval values.


JNIOR Utility Usage Monitor ConfigurationJNIOR Utility Usage Monitor Instantaneous Graph

JNIOR Utility Usage Monitor Hourly Graph


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Contact INTEG Process Group for assistance with Utility Usage Monitor. 

Go here to view the Utility Monitoring documentation or download software.