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Cinema Event Manager

Central Cinema Complex Monitoring and Remote Control Software.

Event Manager
for Theatres

Event Manager enables your theatre staff to have complete monitoring and control capability of all the auditoriums from one or several locations within the theatre complex.  With a user-configurable screen, you can trigger 'macros' on each JNIOR to monitor and control the theatre operations including:

The Event Manager system is an easy to configure software application that allows the user to monitor and control multiple (up to 25) JNIORs from a central location.  Event Manager consists of the xChange software application running on a central JNIOR Model 410 and the Event Manager configuration application for Windows-based PCs.  The Event Manager user interface for monitoring all the auditoriums and triggering macros to control each individual auditorium is done via a web-based interface capable of running on any device with a web browser.  Each of the JNIOR automation controllers to be monitored and controlled must have the Cinema.JNIOR application program installed and configured.

The JNIORs being monitored and controlled connect via the Ethernet network to the central JNIOR Model 410 running the xChange software package.  The Event Manager web interface and PC-based interface also connect to the JNIOR Model 410.

The JNIORs being monitored utilize macros to control relay outputs and devices.  The macros also contain status messages associated with each macro.  When a macro is executed, Cinema.JNIOR sends the status message to the central JNIOR Model 410.  The xChange software application on the JNIOR Model 410 receives the message and relays it to all the Event Manager applications connected.

All the JNIORs being controlled send their list of macros to the JNIOR Model 410.  The xChange software application relays this list to each Event Manager application so that the user can initiate the execution of a macro on all of the JNIORs being controlled.  These macros can be very simple or contain multiple actions.

The Event Manager application can be easily configured to display a grid containing multiple columns to show a variety of status information coming from the JNIORs being monitored.  The status messages configured in the macro define both the message and column to display the message.  Each JNIOR being monitored is listed in a different row.

The Event Manager PC application is configurable to have different colors, functions and sounds in each column for each type of message.

Sample status messages for a typical theatre include:



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