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Custom Software: Developed by INTEG

The JNIOR is a very flexible and powerful controller.  Utilize our bundled or add-on software applications.  If those don't meet your needs, let INTEG quickly develop an application for you.

The JNIOR offers superb functionality with its included and available software.  However, if you require a custom application to run on your JNIOR, INTEG can develop it for you, or you can develop it yourself using the JNIOR Software Development Kit (SDK).

INTEG has already developed a number of custom applications for a variety of customers.  Some of these applications have become our 'add-on' applications because they have met the needs of a large group of customers.  

Other times the applications have been focused and developed to meet the needs of a specific customer.  Here are a few examples of custom applications developed specifically for a customer.

Silo Monitoring (Brant Flour)

Brant Flour is a small flour mill located outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada.  When making flour, a by-product is created that is purchased by another company.  Brant Flour would have to manually take a reading of the amount of product in the silo.  INTEG developed an application in one day that triggers an output on the JNIOR to activate the Smart Bob silo height measuring device.  An analog signal is generated by the Smart Bob and read by the JNIOR with the amount of material in the silo.  The JNIOR takes a reading 3 times per day and sends the data to the production manager and the outside vendor so they know when to send a truck to pick up the material.  The JNIOR saves both companies time and money.

Integration with an Oracle Database (Niagara Bottling Water)

Every time Niagara Bottling Water creates a pallet of water, they need to notify their Oracle database that a pallet has been made.  INTEG developed an application that allows any input on the JNIOR to generate a ' post' to the user defined IP address.  The JNIOR is allowing Niagara Bottling to get real-time production information for a variety of uses.

Data Buffering and Sync (Teledyne Monitor Labs)

Teledyne Monitor Labs sells advanced environment monitoring equipment required by companies to maintain compliance with smoke stack emissions.  This data must be read from the instruments and stored in a PC-based application.  Teledyne was using expensive PLCs and INTEG developed a custom application that allows the data from their instruments to be read by the JNIOR analog expansion modules, stored in a buffer on the JNIOR and fed to their PC-based software via the Modbus protocol.  Using the JNIOR reduced their overall system costs.

Proprietary Protocol (Data Command)

Data Command provides its customers with the ability to remotely monitor their production equipment including pumps and motors.  The equipment status is sent via the Internet to central computers where the customer can log in to view the information.  The Data Command system is responsive and flexible.  INTEG developed an application to implement their proprietary protocol on the JNIOR so that the JNIOR can act as their premiere equipment monitoring device.


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