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Add-on Software: Advanced Theatre Control

CINEMA.JNIOR is an advanced digital cinema automation program that runs on the JNIOR to provide central control functionality for a theatre implementing a digital cinema system.  The Cinema program can also be used for other audio-visual applications because of its ability to control both I/O on the JNIOR and to send commands to devices on the network.

Controls Other Devices

CINEMA.JNIOR software enables the JNIOR to interface with a variety of systems and devices by running 'macros' on the JNIOR.  Devices that can be controlled include practically any device.  INTEG has built-in some standard commands for some widely used devices, but by adding a RAW Ethernet or RAW Serial device, the user can add any command needed to the JNIOR macros.  A sample of devices include:

The core JNIOR provides the capability to work with various digital cinema servers (Doremi, GDC, Christie, Dolby, Barco, Qube) to allow the JNIOR to act as GPIO (General Purpose IO) to control the lighting levels (low, medium, high), masking curtains (scope, flat), sound, doors and various other items.  The digital cinema server sends commands to the JNIOR to 'pulse' its relays to change the desired function.

When you add the Cinema.JNIOR application, it allows the JNIOR to become a central automation device capable of interacting with the digital cinema server, preshow systems, projectors, sound controllers, scalers and various other industry devices and systems.  The application integrates these devices and systems with the JNIOR via the Ethernet and/or serial ports.

Central to Cinema.JNIOR is its ability to execute 'macros' on the JNIOR.  A macro consists of one or more 'actions'.  An action can control a JNIOR relay or send a command to one of the external devices.  The external 'devices' and 'macros' are easily configured by using the JNIOR Support Tool.

Once the macros have been configured, the JNIOR is very flexible in providing a variety of methods to trigger a macro:


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Go here to view the CINEMA.JNIOR documentation and download the software.