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Software Allows Flexible Control and Connectivity

The JNIOR’s software is one of its greatest advantages.  Simply put, it allows the device to do as much as you need it to.  With the JNIOR, INTEG provides bundled software, add-on software, custom software, application software or you can develop your own software.

INTEG Software

This compact Ethernet I/O controller’s core operating system and bundled software applications boast numerous built-in features that make the JNIOR suitable for a variety of applications right out of the box, with no programming required.

The JNIOR Support Tool is a PC-based software package that should be downloaded from our website Support area as soon as you purchase a JNIOR.  It allows you to enter your JNIOR IP address via our Beacon technology, configure a variety of JNIOR features via our Registry editor, easily load additional software and updates to one or many JNIORs, review logs and back-up or duplicate your JNIOR configuration.

Bundled JNIOR Software

Bundled software that is preloaded on each JNIOR includes: Serial Control Plus, Serial-to-Ethernet and Task Manager.

Add-on Application Software

Add-on software that can be easily added to each JNIOR includes: Cinema.JNIOR, Utility Usage Monitor and Analog Presets Control. 

Line Side Printing allows the JNIOR to print labels for parts manufacturers right when the part is completed.  Digital input signals are used to trigger the JNIOR to indicate the part number to print.  The label can contain both text and barcodes, as well as the date and sequential number.

Custom Software by INTEG

The JNIOR is a very flexible and powerful automation controller. Utilize our bundled or add-on software applications.  If those don't meet your needs, let INTEG quickly develop an application for you. INTEG has already developed a number of custom applications for a variety of customers.  Some of these applications have become our 'add-on' applications because they have met the needs of a large group of customers.

Develop Your Own Software

Custom software can be developed by the user via the JNIOR Software Development Kit (SDK) or by INTEG (for a nominal fee) when requested by the end user.  Please contact INTEG to discuss your custom application.

INTEG Application Software

Event Manager is an easy to configure Cinema Theater software application that allows the user to monitor and control multiple JNIORs from a central location.

Visual Machine OEE is an easy to configure Overall Equipment Effectiveness software application that’s ready to use out-of-the box, easy to install with no programming required because it is user-configurable to virtually any discrete manufacturing environment at a fraction of the cost of alternative products.

Communication Methods

Communication Protocol

The JNIOR supports a variety of communication protocols, including TCP/IP (JNIOR protocol), Modbus/TCP, serial ASCII commands, Ethernet TCP ASCII Commands and OPC.

The JNIOR has a web page that allows you to monitor and manually control I/O and configure a variety of functions on the JNIOR.

Built-In Functionality

With a comprehensive set of built-in functions, the JNIOR is more than just an Ethernet I/O module. Built-in functionality includes:


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