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Here’s How to Order the JNIOR Products

You can buy directly from INTEG, from our on-line store, or from one of many integrators or installers who work with the JNIOR automation controller.  We ship to locations all over the world from our office in the USA.

Purchases for the Cinema Industry

The JNIOR automation controller has been utilized by dealers and integrators all over the world.  We have trained these companies on the JNIOR operation.  If you are a dealer or integrator and want to start using the JNIOR, please contact us directly.


On-Line Store

Visit our store where you can buy all the JNIOR family of products.


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JNIOR Series 3 - EOL

After 10 years of production, the JNIOR Models 310, 312 and 314 (Series 3) have gone 'end of life' as of February 1, 2015.  INTEG will continue to support the Series 3 software and honor all warranties.  The JNIOR Models 410, 412 and 414 are direct replacements for the 310, 312 and 314.

NOTE: We have a limited number of Models 310 and 312 still available for purchase.  Please contact INTEG for availability.


Direct from INTEG

We accept orders via e-mail, phone, or Purchase Order.  Payment is due in advance; however, we do provide NET 30 terms after approval.  We accept payment via checks in US Dollars, Electronic Fund Transfers or you can pay with a Credit Card via PayPal or by using our on-line store.  We also accept credit cards directly via the phone. 


Please contact Rick Shulkosky, for sales questions and technical support.  Rick will help you select the right JNIOR equipment and software for your application.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call him directly at 724 933 9350 extension 20.


  Catalog Number Description Price Each
JNIOR Model 410 JNR-100-004B JNIOR Series 4 Controller (8 in - 8 out) $395.00
JNIOR Model 412 JNR-200-004B JNIOR Series 4 Controller (4 in - 12 out) $445.00
JNIOR Model 412DMX JNR-200-004D JNIOR Series 4 Controller (4 in - 12 out) with 512 DMX Output Port $465.00
JNIOR Model 414 JNR-300-004B JNIOR Series 4 Controller (12 in - 4 out) $395.00
4-20mA Module EXP-200-001 Analog Expansion Module (4-20mA) $125.00
+/-10V Module EXP-200-002 Analog Expansion Module (+/- 10V) $125.00
4 Relay Output Module EXP-200-005 Relay Output Expansion Module (0 - 240 VAC or DC) $115.00
3 Channel LED Dimmer Module EXP-200-006 Contains 3 Channels of PWM for controlling LED strip lights from 0 - 100%.  Single color or multi-colored (RGB) LEDs. $125.00
JNIOR Control Panel JCP-600-001 Contains 6 two-position switches, 12 LED indicators and fits in a 2U Height, 19-inch Rack $250.00
Power Supply PSA-120-125 Optional wall mole converts 120/240 VAC to 12 VDC. Plug has 2 flat prongs for electrical outlets like those used in the USA. $25.00
Euro Power Supply PSE-120-125 Optional wall mole converts 120/240 VAC to 12 VDC. Plug has 2 round poles for electrical outlets like those used in Europe. $25.00
Replacement Connector Kit A00-102 Kit contains four 8-pole connectors and one 4-pole connector $22.50
Rugged External Temperature Sensor SEN-100-002 3-foot cable with a 3-inch stainless steel probe containing the digital temperature sensor.  $55.95
DIN Rail Adapter for JNIOR DIN-300-001 For all JNIOR Models $14.95
DIN Rail Adapter for Exp Module DIN-300-002 For all Expansion Modules, except the Power 4 Relay Output Module $14.95


  Catalog Number Description Price Each
Cinema Software SFW-400-010 Available for download from our website on the Cinema Automation Support page. Automates the theatre presentation. No  Charge
Event Manager Software SFW-400-030 Allows the status of the events controlled by multiple JNIORs to be displayed on a PC, tablet, cell phone and any web browser. Requires the JNIOR Model 410/412/414 (not included). No Charge
xChange Software SFW-400-040 Allows JNIORs to have messages exchanged with an application running on a PC, tablet or phone. Only available for the Model 410.  Included with Event Manager Included
Utility Usage Monitor Software SFW-500-020 Available for download from our website on the JNIOR Software Downloads page No Charge
Task Manager Software SFW-000-001 Pre-installed on each JNIOR Included
Serial-to-Ethernet Converter Software SFW-000-002 Pre-installed on each JNIOR Included
Serial Control Software SFW-000-003 Pre-installed on each JNIOR Included
Software Development Kit (SDK) SFW-000-000 Available for download from our website on the SDK Support page No Charge


  Catalog Number Description Price Each
Visual Machine OEE Software SFW-700-001 One Time License Fee for 1 Plant (Software Installation & Set-up by Customer with Phone and Installation Support from INTEG) (Call)
Visual Machine OEE Trial SFW-700-002 Try a full functioning version of Visual Machine OEE for 90 Days.  Includes one JNIOR Model 310 (Call)
Visual Machine OEE Trial Upgrade to Visual Machine OEE Software SFW-700-003 Price to upgrade at the end of Visual Machine OEE Trial (90 days) to a full license (Call)
Visual Machine OEE Annual Maintenance & Support SFW-700-004 Annual price to receive updates and support for Visual Machine OEE (Call)