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Below are our previous announcements and news releases.

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Complete Theater Management from One Central Location with Event Manager

The new INTEG Event Manager allows a theatre to monitor and manage all their auditoriums from various locations within the theatre complex.  The complete auditorium presentation status can be viewed and controlled by one or several users on individual PCs, laptops, large screen displays, mobile devices, etc. Key…

July 17, 2013 // New Product Announcement

JNIOR Series 4 Models – Flexible, Cost-Effective Ethernet I/O Connectivity

The new INTEG JNIOR Series 4 models – our newest devices – were designed for more speed, memory and additional functionality for advanced applications. Series 4 JNIORs also use INTEG’s new JANOS operating system. JANOS includes a more advanced Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to allow the user to easily develop…

July 15, 2013 // New Product Announcement

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INTEG designs and manufactures industry-specific hardware automation controllers; application-specific software utilities, and system-specific hardware/software solutions for commercial applications that include Cinema, Discrete Manufacturing, Security, Transportation and other Industrial industries.