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INTEG Process Group, Inc. Introduces Event Manager, A Remote Control, Complex-Wide Cinema Monitoring System

March 21, 2014 //

Digital cinema automation innovator, INTEG Process Group, Inc. has introduced a theatre monitoring system that provides real-time exhibition status reporting and remote command initiation from any location within a theatre complex from any device running a web browser.

The system, called Event Manager™, utilizes a theatre complex's Ethernet/WiFi network to transmit the realtime status of up to 25 auditoriums simultaneously.

The new system is enabled by the introduction of INTEG’s new JNIOR 410 cinema automation controller which is a high-performance upgrade of the company’s JNIOR 310 controller. The JNIOR models 310 and 312 are in use in more than one-third (over 35,000) of the digital cinema auditoriums in the world.

When coupled with INTEG’s Event Manager software, a single JNIOR 410 is capable of receiving management-specified data from up to 25 JNIOR controllers, each of which controls the projection, sound, lighting and other components for a single auditorium.

As the JNIOR 410 continuously collects, compiles and sorts data from an array of JNIORs, the information is posted in real-time to a spreadsheet style web page via the theatre managed Ethernet or WiFi network, and sent to any authorized display device within a theatre complex. The spreadsheet view, which is easily configured by users, has horizontal rows for each auditorium and vertical columns representing different pieces of equipment or functionality within the auditorium. The web page can be displayed on any web-compatible device, from a PC monitor, to a wall-mounted flat-screen, to a laptop display, tablet, or a cell phone.

Event Manager’s real-time status reporting allows any authorized user, from the theatre manager to the concession stand attendant, to see, on screen, the sequence of events and status for every auditorium in a cinema complex – not just a log of what has already happened, but an interactive representation of what is actually happening in all theatres at any moment.

If any action or sequence in the movie presentation malfunctions, Event Manager’s remote control feature can be called upon to remedy the problem in short order. Remote control is enabled by ‘clicking’ on an auditorium name in the Event Manager display to bring up a list of ‘commands’, available to that auditorium’s JNIOR controller. The commands, known as ‘macros’ to computer technicians, can control individual pieces of equipment and start and stop digital cinema exhibition processes. An auditorium’s assigned macros can be allowed to run automatically on the JNIOR 310/312 as part of the normal digital cinema presentation or they can be over-ridden remotely via Event Manager to refresh, adjust, extend or halt a process or change the operation of a piece of equipment. Macros include commands like: Dim lights; Lights full; Switch sound to digital audio; Run 2D flat start set-up; Change the masking; Run the projector 3D feature set-up macro (a case of one macro telling another macro what to do) or; Extend intermission by 3 minutes.

Event Manager allows theatre operators to have a flexible, easy to use tool to manage multiple auditoriums remotely. Users can know where each presentation stands at any moment in real-time and detect technical malfunctions when they occur. Even more powerful, Event Manger enables theatre staff to fix problems remotely with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen, without having to walk to each auditorium to check or touch every knob, switch, bulb and lamp in the building.

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INTEG Process Group is an innovator in the digital cinema automation industry. Located in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, INTEG designs and manufactures industry-specific hardware controllers; application-specific software utilities, and system-specific hardware/software solutions for the digital cinema, industrial manufacturing and data acquisition industries. All INTEG products are designed and manufactured in the United States of America.


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INTEG designs and manufactures industry-specific hardware automation controllers; application-specific software utilities, and system-specific hardware/software solutions for commercial applications that include Cinema, Discrete Manufacturing, Security, Transportation and other Industrial industries.