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Connect to a real JNIOR in our office via the Internet.  To launch the main JNIOR web page, click on the "Online Demo" link below to the right.

Online Demo

The JNIOR web page works with all the major web browsers.  The JNIOR web page consists of three Java applets so you will need Java loaded on your computer.  If you don't have it already installed (lots of web sites use Java), please go to to download it.  

Once the web page begins to load it should be completely displayed within 30 seconds depending on your network and any other activities the JNIOR may be handling.

After the JNIOR web page is loaded, the user is automatically logged-in.  During normal operation of the web page, the user is required to enter a username and password to login.

The JNIOR web page opens to the “I/O Control” tab - Internal I/O. Below is a screen picture of this tab.  From this tab you can view the JNIOR I/O status and manually control each relay output. You can 'right-click' on the Toggle Button to close, open, pulse or toggle a relay output.

As shown on the web page, each digital input also acts as a counter and usage meter.  Each relay output also acts as a usage meter.

You can click on all the tabs that provide the following  functions:

Download the “Web Based Interface Manual”

To learn more about the functionality of the main JNIOR web page, visit our JNIOR Support Product manuals area to download the Web Based Interface Manual.