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Additional JNIOR Accessories

A number of additional accessories are available for your JNIOR Ethernet controller device.

If you have questions about how to use or install them, the INTEG team will be happy to provide technical support.

Accessories for your JNIOR include:

Contact INTEG Process Group for assistance or to purchase JNIOR Accessories. Go here to view the JNIOR documentation or download software.

  Rugged External Temperature Sensor
Catalog Number SEN-100-002
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Probe 304 Stainless Steel
Probe: Standard Length 3 inches
Cable: Standard Length 12 feet (CAT 5)
Pressure Tested Water Resistant to 60 PSI
Environments Harsh; Chemical Resistant; Waterproof
Probe -67ºF to 257ºF (-55ºC to 125ºC)
Cable -94ºF to 302ºF (-70ºC to 150ºC)
-10ºC to 85ºC -0.5ºC to 0.5ºC
-55ºC to 125ºC -2.0ºC to 2.0ºC
Body Diameter (in.) .216 min - .220 max (.218 typical)
Tip Diameter (in.) .218 min - .233 max
Features Contains RJ12 jack to plug directly into the JNIOR Sensor Port; Automatically recognized by the JNIOR software; Submersible, Rugged, Wide Temperature Range Probe suitable for use in harsh environments
  Power Supply
Catalog Number PSA-120-125
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Rated Input Voltage 100 V - 240 V ac
Input Voltage Range 90 V - 264 V ac
Rated Frequency 50 V - 60 Hz
Frequency Range 47 V - 63 Hz
Rated Input Current 300 mA RMS max.
Inrush Current 15 A max. at 115 / 30 A max.
at 230 V ac cool start
Output Voltage 12 V dc at 1.0 A
Output Min. Current 0 A
Line Regulation ± 1%
Load Regulation ± 5%
Over Voltage Protection 15 ~ 18 V dc max. (output shutdown)
Short Circuit Protection Output Shut Down and Auto Restart
Ripple Voltage 150 mV (p-p) (100 - 240 V at Full Load)
Efficiency 60% min.
Safety and EMI  
HI POT Input to output (3000 V ac at 10 mA for 1 min.)
Insulation Resistance Input to output (> 100 M Ohm at 500 V dc)
Safety Approvals UL/cUL
EMI Standard Meets FCC class B, VCCI:II
Certifications RoHS Compliant
Leakage Current 0.25 mA
  DIN Rail Adapter Mounted on
DIN Rail Adapters for JNIOR
and Expansion Modules
Replacement Connector Kit
Catalog Number DIN-300-001 DIN-300-001 / DIN-300-002 A00-102
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Features DIN Rail Adapter attaches to the JNIOR or Expansion Modules;
The DIN metal clip can be rotated in any direction.
Includes: (4) 8-terminal side connectors (I/O) and (1) 4-terminal top connector (power).