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A Superior Ethernet I/O Controller Device

JNIOR Ethernet I/O ControllerThe INTEG JNIOR logic controller is an Ethernet I/O (digital, analog) device that monitors and controls a small set of process signals.

It functions as both basic I/O for integration with another application or system, and as a stand-alone Ethernet I/O controller capable of running its own software.

The JNIOR family of I/O modules with "Advanced Capabilities" brings cost-effective and seamless connectivity and control, with web and IT friendly features, to a small amount of process signals for integration over the Ethernet network with a variety of asset management applications.

Each unit comes with a core compliment of digital I/O, including digital inputs and relay outputs. The JNIOR also contains two serial ports that allow for monitoring and control of the I/O via 'serial' (ASCII) commands and for integration of serial devices with the JNIOR applications.

Certified Compliance


As your needs grow, the JNIOR Ethernet I/O controller has an expansion port that allows you to add more I/O – including analog signals (4-20 mA, 10 VDC, RTD) and digital temperature sensors. The JNIOR Control Panel gives you more options for interacting with the unit, such as push buttons and status LEDs.

Contact INTEG Process Group for assistance or to make your purchase. Go here to view the JNIOR documentation or download software.