Control Panel Functionality in Tasker November 5, 2020

Tasker allows control over many different aspects of the JNIOR, including expansion modules. This post will explain how and what you use Tasker to control the Control Panel.

To start, you’ll want to make sure that your Control Panel is properly connected to the JNIOR. You’ll start by plugging the Control Panel into the JNIOR using the sensor port. Once the Control Panel is plugged in, you’ll then access the JNIOR WebUI and go to the Console Tab. There you’ll login into the JNIOR and type extern -r. This will remove any previously connected expansion modules from the JNIOR so only the connected Control Panel will be a recognized external device on the JNIOR.

Once that is done, we’ll now open the Task application. Once on Tasker’s web page, if you don’t already have a workspace created, you’ll want to create one. After you have a workspace, you’ll want to add a Task to the workspace, which Tasker will promptly ask you to name. Once the Task is created, you’ll then want to add an action to the Task, which once you click the add action button the action dialog will appear. Here we find the Control Panel actions.

Here we can add Control Panel actions to the Task, so that when its executed it can control different parts of the Control Panel. Currently in Tasker there are three different Control Panel actions, Set LED, Play Alarm, and Silence Alarm. The first action, Set LED, allows you to change the status of the LED next to a switch on the Control Panel. The options for the LED are off, slow, medium, fast, and on. The next action, Play Alarm, allows you to activate the alarm on the Control Panel. The actions lets you control the sound, duration, and interval of the alarm. The last action, Silence Alarm, simply silences an alarm on the Control Panel if an alarm is active at that time, and doesn’t require any addtional values.

Example Actions
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